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Fish Eat Fish

In Fish Eat Fish, you are a small fish in a dangerous ocean world. You need to eat smaller fish to grow bigger and become the ruler of the ocean.

Become the biggest fish

The ocean is full of dangers and bigger fish like to eat smaller ones. This is how to become the biggest fish in the sea. Each fish in the game has a number above it. This number shows how strong they are. The higher the number, the stronger the fish! How do you get bigger? It's all about the eating!

Eat a light snack

Look for small, colorful blobs floating around. These are your delicious sea creature snacks! Every thing you eat makes you a little stronger. Don't worry, there are plenty of them in the sea and more are always appearing. But remember, some areas have more snacks than others, so keep swimming!

Go fish hunting

Another way to get bigger is to fight other fish. But be careful, you can only fight with fish that are smaller than you. If you win, you get all their points, making you that much greater! This is a fast way to develop but also has many potential risks. Don't chase enemies for too long, you may miss other food and get caught by bigger fish!

Explore the ocean

The more you explore the sea, the more food you will find. Don't just stay in one spot, keep swimming around to discover all the delicious snacks and avoid hungry enemies!

A few tips for you

With so many different species of huge fish swimming around, how do you become the top fish in the ocean?

Don't be too greedy

Occasionally you'll see a delicious blue octopus, but don't waste your time chasing it for too long. There are many other fish and sea creatures swimming around that are easier to catch and will give you just as many points. Remember, you need to keep growing to stay safe from bigger fish!

Keep your score up to advance!

In the corner of the screen, you will see a leaderboard showing your rank compared to other players. The higher your score, the higher you will climb! Be careful with those pink octopuses, they can lower your score!

Increase your speed when you need it!

Did you know you can speed up your fishing? Just hold down the right mouse button! This is great for escaping danger or reaching far away for food. Your impulse doesn't last forever. It will refill slowly so you can use it again later.

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