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Magic Cat Academy

Learn about Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy is a fun platformer adventure game developed by Google Doodle. The game was released in 2016 and 2020 to celebrate Halloween. In the game, you will play as Momo, a kitten who studies magic at the Ghost Cat Academy. Your mission is to help Momo fight against ghosts and complete missions in the academy. The game has many diverse challenges like in Badland.

The game uses a simple touch control mechanism. Players just need to touch the screen to move Momo and use magic. The goal of each level is to help Momo fight against ghosts and complete missions, such as collecting candy, rescuing friends, and finding treasure.

What makes the game attractive?

Style play

The player must guide the magical cat through levels filled with ghosts that represent symbols on his head, such as horizontal or vertical lines. To defeat these ghosts, players use the mouse to draw appropriate symbols on the screen. For an extra boost, players can unleash a powerful lightning bolt symbol to wipe out all the ghosts at once! But be careful, the challenge will escalate when facing bosses.

After defeating a powerful ghost in the first round, Momo discovers that it has possessed various sea creatures, putting her teammates in danger. Now, your mission is to help Momo save her friends and defeat the spirits through five challenging levels.

You will encounter ghosts and haunting creatures lurking in the depths. Use Momo's magic wand to cast spells and fend off enemies. In this installment, Momo has two new moves at her disposal: a circular motion, which provides a protective shield, and a spiral motion, perfect for scaring away aggressive animals. But be careful, the shield can only deflect one attack at a time, so use it wisely to move through dangerous waters and face the final battle against the mountain fire under the sea.

Many different challenges

  • There are many different types of ghosts, with different powers and abilities.
  • There are many obstacles along the way, such as spikes, saws, and traps.
  • Each level has a powerful boss that you need to defeat.
  • Momo can use many different types of magic, such as shooting sparks, creating shields, and teleporting.

Confront bosses across 5 levels

Throughout the game, the player faces five different bosses, each more formidable than the last. These bosses possess additional symbols and can command smaller ghosts to attack. The player must be cautious and strategic to overcome these challenging levels and win.