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Drive Mad

Conquer 100 levels

Drive Mad is a high-speed racing game with simple but colorful 2D graphics. The goal of the game is to complete the laps in the fastest time. The game has 100 levels to test your balance. While driving through various obstacles, you need to keep your truck balanced. Performing this task is not easy due to the special structure of the vehicle.

Drive and control

When entering this driving game, the most notable point is the vehicle and the controls. Let's start learning these elements now to master the essential details of Drive Mad!

Vehicle structure

In this Drive Mad game, you will control a truck with special textures. The car will have 4 wheels like regular cars. However, these wheels are very large and are specialized all-terrain wheels. This wheel allows you to move through different types of terrain more easily. This will bring you a lot of benefits when this game inherently has many types of complex terrain.

Besides, the truck body is smaller and slimmer than the wheels. Therefore, keeping the vehicle balanced is not easy. This car could overturn at any time. In particular, when hitting an obstacle or going uphill, vehicle overturning is very common, so you need to pay special attention.

With a special vehicle structure, players need unique control skills to keep their trucks balanced.

How to control Drive Mad

To move in this driving game, you can choose to use the arrow keys or virtual keys on the screen. When you use these joysticks, your truck will start moving. You need to navigate the car to move forward, overcome obstacles, and reach the finish line. Conquering each level in this game is not easy, so you need to control it carefully.

During your run, keeping your balance is a key task to complete at all levels. If your car is tilted, it will easily cause an accident or fall into a trap. To ensure the completion of these objectives, let's always be ready to use the left and right arrow keys. As soon as your vehicle shows signs of leaning to one side, press the opposite button immediately.

Over 100 crazy levels

Players can test their control skills through 100 different levels. Each level corresponds to a path with a destination. In particular, the terrain is completely changed and you can see this change through the names of each level such as Rope Bridge, Snow Plow, Climbing Wall, Spinning World, Submarine, Control Room, or Cave. Gamers have the opportunity to overcome damaged bridges, snowy paths, towering walls, and dark caverns. After completing the levels, don't forget your next challenge is Badland.

In addition, the levels also have differences in vehicles, conditions, and tasks. As an illustration, consider Level 77, which features the Earthquake theme. Here, your vehicle contends with the tremors caused by an earthquake, making it exceedingly challenging to maintain balance. Similarly, Level 83 presents the Car Trouble theme, where players must not only navigate obstacles but also tackle vehicle malfunctions, adding an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay.