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Merge Fruits

Inspiration from the game Suika

Merge Fruits is a fun fruit matching game that is a current trend loved by many people. You combine the same fruits to create bigger fruits and make money. The game is inspired by the popular Suika Game, a Japanese puzzle game that revolves around the dynamics of fruit interactions. In Suika Games, players navigate a world where fruit behaves according to the laws of physics, creating a serene yet engaging gaming experience. Fruit Merge builds on this concept, offering its own unique twist on fruit combining and growing.

Create delicious combos

Merge the fruits

Imagine a fruit basket overflowing with delicious fruit. All you have to do is swipe your finger to move the fruit around. When two identical fruits touch each other, poof! They magically merge into an entirely new, larger fruit!

For example, if you swipe two juicy lemons together, they will become a refreshing coconut! The rarer the fruit, the more points you get!

Earn more points

Every time you merge fruit, you earn money. You can use these coins to buy special fruits, useful power-ups, and even more cool stuff!


This game has countless delicious fruits to discover, each with its own special role. Let's take a look at some of the fruits you will encounter:

  • Berry Bunch: Blueberries and strawberries are the smallest fruits in the game. You will see them often, especially in the beginning. They are easy to identify, blueberries are light purple and strawberries are bright red with green leaves.
  • Go grapes: Grapes are a little bigger than berries. You can find them throughout the game, just like your berry friends.
  • Citrus surprise: Lemons are bright yellow and stand out more than smaller fruits. They are less common than berries and grapes.
    Tropical food: Coconut is dark brown and appears even less than lemon.
  • Unlock bigger bites: Apples, oranges, pomegranates, peaches, and pears are special fruits that you can't find right away. You will need to merge smaller fruits to create them! These particular fruits get bigger as you move from apples to pears.
  • Grand Prize: Watermelon is the largest and rarest fruit in Merge Fruits! It took a lot of consolidation and some smart thinking to create this giant.

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