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My Halloween Park

About My Halloween Park

My Halloween Park is a management simulation game where you run a Halloween amusement park. Your goal is to attract as many customers to the park as possible.


In this game, you will play the manager of a Halloween park. Your mission is to build a park, attract visitors, and organize entertainment activities for them.

Your mission in the haunted house

You will play as a stickman witch and use your mouse to perform various tasks in a haunted park full of ghosts and strange houses. Your tasks are diverse and interesting. You will transport ghosts from cemeteries to houses, turning them into haunted houses that will scare unsuspecting visitors. As you progress, you'll collect coins from these haunted houses, hire staff to help with quests, and expand the park to unlock new areas like the haunted forest.

You need to pay attention to some rules that must be followed! Your transport capacity is limited so you can only move four ghosts at a time. To increase efficiency, consider upgrading your character. Additionally, expanding your park requires careful planning, as more houses means more money earned. And don't ignore the special character Killer, who can terrify a large number of customers at the same time. If you like to explore other adventure game genres, you can visit Badland.

Style play


You can build many different types of buildings in the park, including:

  • Haunted house: Where customers experience fear and suspense.
  • Roller coaster: Brings customers thrills and adrenaline.
  • Games: Many different entertaining games suitable for all ages.
  • Shop: Sells food, drinks, souvenirs and other items.


You need to manage the park effectively, including:

  • Staff: Hire and manage staff to operate the park.
  • Finance: Monitor revenue and costs, ensure profit for the park.
  • Marketing: Promote the park to attract customers.


You can decorate your Halloween-themed park with a variety of items, including:

  • Pumpkin: Symbol of Halloween.
  • Skeleton: Creates a creepy atmosphere.
  • Bats: Brings a sense of mystery.
  • Spiders: Adds a scary element to the park.