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Information about Cuphead

Cuphead is a unique 2D action game inspired by 1930s animation style. The game is highly praised for its art style and is known for its challenging difficulty.

Introducing Cuphead and Mugman

Meet Cuphead and Mugman, two adventurous brothers with cup-shaped heads! Always excited, they get into a difficult situation when they sneak into a forbidden casino. The devil, the casino owner, challenges them to win big or lose their souls. Unfortunately, the brothers lost and now they have to collect souls for the Devil to repay their debt.

Your duties

From the moment you start playing, you will face a barrage of bullets from enemies and fierce demons determined to hinder your progress. Your mission is to move quickly to dodge their attacks and retaliate by shooting back with everything you've got. Completing a level is just the beginning. As you progress, the challenges become increasingly difficult, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to succeed.

Addictive gameplay

Players will experience a new feeling through a vivid 2D animated horror scene. Players will have to confront vicious demons and overcome challenging obstacles. If you like adventure games you can play Duck Life and train your duck.

How to play Cuphead

Each boss battle is unique, featuring different enemies, traps, and adventures. You will need to strategize and adapt to defeat them all. In addition to intense boss battles, there are also platform levels where you will run, jump, and shoot your way through obstacles while collecting coins. Mastering the controls is crucial to success, as you'll need to navigate jumps, dashes, and parries to survive. Parry, a special defensive move, allows you to perform attacks and counterattacks. While it may take some time to get used to everything, with practice you will become a skilled warrior capable of taking on any challenge.

Control one player

  • Use arrow keys to move around.
  • Press the X key to shoot.
  • Use the C key to crouch down.
  • Press the Z key to block enemy attacks.
  • Use superpowers by pressing the V key.

Control two players

  • Player 1 moves using the arrow keys, while Player 2 uses the WASD keys.
  • Player 1 blocks with the U key, while Player 2 uses the X key.
  • Player 1 shoots with the I key, while Player 2 uses the C key.
  • Zoom out by pressing the O key for Player 1 and the V key for Player 2.
  • Activate superpowers with the P key for Player 1 and the B key for Player 2.