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Duck Life is an online game series about ducks. You train your duckling to become a champion athlete by practicing each individual skill to upgrade your duck. You start with a cute baby duck and your goal is to train it to become a champion racer. Your duck needs to excel in three skills: running, swimming, and flying. While your duck already has these skills, it needs your help to become a top athlete. Train your duck, customize its appearance, and get ready for thrilling races against other ducks. In addition, you have a new challenge called Badland. Join and conquer new adventures.


Your mission is to train your duck to become the best racer in the world. Compete in different races, including beginner, amateur, expert, and world championship races. Each race gets more challenging, so you'll need to train hard, compete, and earn coins to upgrade your duck's abilities and gear.

Training your duck involves completing different exercises to enhance its speed, agility, and stamina. Earn coins during training sessions to purchase upgrades and items for your duck. Use your duck's special abilities strategically to gain an edge over opponents during races.

How to play Duck Life?

How to play

You can train your duck in different skills like running, swimming, and flying. Just click on the screen to make your duck perform the action you want. To win a race, your duck needs to be the first one to cross the finish line. Use your skills to jump over obstacles, avoid hazards, and use any special abilities your duck has. As you win races and earn coins, you can unlock new levels and upgrade your duck's abilities. Keep training, keep racing, and aim to become the best duck racer in the world!

Some tips

  • Train your duck regularly to improve its speed and agility. The more you train, the better your duck will perform in races.
  • Each duck has special abilities. Employ them strategically to acquire an advantage over your rivals. Whether it's a speed boost or a flying ability, make sure to use them wisely.
  • Pay attention to the obstacles and hazards on the track. Avoid them whenever possible to maintain your speed and avoid losing valuable time.
  • Keep an eye on your duck's energy levels. Don't waste energy on unnecessary actions. Use it wisely to maintain your speed and finish the race strong.


  • The game offers various gameplay options, from training sessions to exciting races, ensuring there's something for everyone.
  • The game is challenging yet rewarding. You'll need to work diligently to train your duck and win races.