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In, you fight up to 100 other players to become the last survivor. Equip yourself with the best weapons to destroy those around you. The game was made by Justin Kim and Nick Clark and it really became popular because it was fun and easy to understand. Imagine you are dropped into a large map with lots of other players. Your goal is to survive while others try to take you down. You must search for weapons and equipment to help you survive while being careful not to be caught by other players.

Instructions for playing

Explore the island

As soon as you land on the island, the action will begin. You start with almost nothing and must find weapons, ammo, and supplies to survive. The island gets smaller over time, so you can't hide forever, eventually, you have to face other players.

Equip weapons

  • When you start playing, you don't have anything cool yet. Your job is to find weapons and equipment as quickly as possible. This tool will help you fight other players or heal you if you are injured.
  • There are plenty of weapons and equipment to find, like guns, melee weapons, and grenades. Each weapon is different, so you must choose wisely. Don't forget to get armor and healing items to help you survive longer.

Protect yourself

  • You have to be smart about where you go, how you use cover, and when you fight. If you are playing with friends, teamwork is important. And as your comfort zone shrinks, you have to be quick.
  • As the game continues, the red zone begins to close in, making the playing area smaller. You must stay in this area with other players, so you need to be careful not to get stuck outside of it. The last person standing wins the game!

The menu is easy to use so you can focus on playing instead of having to figure out everything. If you don't like playing games you can try the Stickman Boost game. Maybe you will like it.