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Introducing Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is an extremely relaxing fruit-slashing game. Players will slash fruit as much as possible when the fruit is released. But avoid cutting into bombs. Your goal is to cut as much fruit as possible while avoiding dangerous bombs. Are you ready to show off your ninja skills and get the highest score possible?

The fun part

Using your finger, you swipe across the screen to slice the different fruits that pop up. Each successful cut will earn you points, and cutting multiple fruits at once will earn you bonus points. But be careful with the bombs, cutting one of them will end your game!

How to control

  • Use the left mouse button to cut fruit

Skills and strategies

The game requires skill and strategy to master. You will need quick and precise reflexes to cut the fruit accurately and avoid being hit by bombs. As you progress, you'll encounter new challenges, like multiple fruits appearing at once or special powers that require strategic decisions. This combination of skill and strategy adds depth to the gameplay, keeping you hooked for more excitement!

Origin story

The game was developed by an interesting video game company from Australia. The great idea for the game was born in the mind of Luke Muscat, who worked as a game designer at Halfbrick. Luke and his team at Halfbrick have worked together to create the best Fruit Ninja possible. They spent time polishing the gameplay and making the graphics super awesome.

Simple and fun

The folks at Halfbrick have one mission: to create a game that's incredibly fun and easy to play. They want everyone to be able to enjoy slicing fruit and feel like a ninja master! So, they made sure that Fruit Ninja has simple controls that anyone can pick up and play.

Cut each slice

You can cut and slice succulent fruits like a true ninja warrior. It's all about timing and precision, cut as much fruit as possible without hitting any bombs! Additionally, if you cut multiple fruits at the same time, you will earn bonus points.