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Information about Apple Worm

Apple Worm helps you train your mental abilities by guiding a worm through a maze of obstacles. There are many tricks that you need to calculate in advance. Your goal is to find your way to the destination to complete the mission. In addition, you need to eat apples to help the worm grow longer, which will benefit the worm in moving.

Explore the maze

As you explore the maze, you will come across delicious apples. Eating these apples is essential to both satisfy the worm's hunger and help you escape. Each time the worm eats an apple, its body lengthens, allowing it to bend and move through the maze. But be careful not to fall or get stuck! Every move must be carefully thought out, otherwise you will have to replay the level again. In addition, you can play adventure genres like Badland to add more new fun.

Take experiments

The game encourages experimentation and learning from mistakes. You can replay levels as many times as you like, gaining valuable experience with each attempt. This allows you to develop smart strategies to overcome challenges and progress in the game.

A guide for beginner gamers


When you first start playing Apple Worm, the first two levels serve as a tutorial to help you get used to the controls. You will move your worm left and right to collect apples and reach the gate. Easy right? But hold on tight because when you reach level 3, the real adventure will begin!

Navigate the maze

In Apple Worm, your main goal is to guide your worm to the portal. But be careful, the maze is full of traps and hidden corners that can easily catch you off guard. Before making any moves, take a moment to observe the maze layout. Have you noticed those brown blocks scattered around? They may seem random but they play an important role in blocking your path or even providing support.

Your migration strategy

To conquer each level, you will need to think ahead and plan your moves carefully. Consider the length of the worm and analyze the gaps and angles you will encounter. Can your worm move through them without getting stuck or falling into a hole? It's all about smart calculations and estimates.


Don't let a few failures discourage you! It's normal to replay levels multiple times as you figure out the best strategy. If you find yourself stuck in a tight situation or falling into a void, don't worry - just hit the replay button and try again.

Track your progress

Track your completion time in the upper left corner of the screen. While there's no need to rush, completing levels quickly can add more challenge to the game. If you need to pause the music or sound effects, you can easily adjust the volume with the buttons in the same corner.