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Shell Shockers

Information about Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers is a first-person shooting game. Players control armed eggs to fight each other on multiplayer maps and destroy as many opponents as possible.


The game features unique egg characters, eye-catching graphics, and fast-paced gameplay. Players are drawn into the multiplayer experience where they can team up with friends or face off in intense battles. With constant updates and new features, Shell Shockers keeps players coming back for more.


Although it has been around for a while, this game continues to attract an increasing number of players. Addictive gameplay, frequent updates, and a dedicated community make it an important part of the gaming world.

Multiplayer battle

Egg shooting

Players will take on the role of eggs equipped with guns and bombs, ready to participate in intense multiplayer battles. Use the arrow keys to move your egg around the arena and position it strategically to attack enemies. With quick reflexes and precise aiming, you can take down your opponents and win.

Defeat enemies

To defeat enemies in Shell Shockers, you need to rely on your weapons and agility. Use your guns and bombs to launch attacks and defeat your opponents. But remember to always move and take advantage of the complex terrain of the arena to protect yourself from enemy fire.

Support for battles

Shell Shockers offers a variety of support options to enhance your combat experience. Unlock powerful weapons to increase your chances of victory and customize your equipment to suit your playstyle. Choose from different modes and maps for a unique and fun egg-shooting experience, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.