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Level Devil

Level Devil is a platformer adventure game with simple but colorful pixelated graphics. You will control a small character moving through challenging levels.

How to play

  • The goal of the game is to overcome challenging levels by controlling the character's movements, avoiding obstacles, and destroying enemies.
  • Players will control the character with virtual buttons on the screen.
  • The game has many different levels, with increasing difficulty.
  • Each level has a specific goal that the player needs to achieve to complete.
  • The game has many different types of obstacles and enemies, making it more difficult to pass the levels.

Beautiful graphics

Images are meticulously designed

The game has stunning graphics with vibrant backgrounds, intricate level designs, and captivating characters. Every detail has been carefully crafted to create an amazing experience for players. You'll feel as if you're stepping into an entirely different realm!

Vivid color palette

The game has a vibrant color palette that adds excitement and energy to the game. Each level has its own unique color scheme, making every adventure new and exciting. Get ready to be overwhelmed by the rainbow of colors as you explore each level!

Charming character

From the mischievous devil himself to the enemies you meet along the way, the characters are charming and lovable. Each character adds personality and depth to the game, making it even more engaging. You'll find yourself rooting for the devil as he resolves to tackle each level.