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Badland Geometry Dash

About Badland Geometry Dash

Badland Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer game that combines runner and traditional platformer elements. The game is renowned for its challenging nature.


The game is known for its high difficulty and challenging design. This is a "hard demon" level that is rated 10 stars and can earn the user 3 coins. The game requires players to jump and fly over obstacles such as spikes, saw blades, lasers, and gravity changes. Each part of the level is meticulously designed to challenge the player's skill and creativity.


Your goal is to reach the end of each level without getting injured. But be wary, the journey is filled with dangerous traps such as spikes, hacksaws, and towering walls. You will need quick reflexes and precise timing to overcome these challenges. Along the way, you'll encounter special portals that change the game's mechanics, adding complexity to your adventure. If you like the Geometry Dash genre, you can join Geometry Dash Lite to continue the thrilling adventures.

Conquer every level

How to play

You control the character by clicking the mouse. Jump over obstacles, fly through the air, and avoid deadly dangers to pass each level. As you advance, the challenges will become more difficult, testing your skill and agility. Be prepared to face powerful bosses who will constantly try to defeat you. Survive their attacks and continue your journey toward victory.


  • To jump, press [up], [w], [space], or click.
  • Use the yellow rings to jump higher.
  • Avoid spikes along the way.
  • In ship mode, hold down to ascend and release to descend.
  • Jump high by hitting a yellow pad or even higher by hitting a blue pad.
  • Collect coins for bonus points.
  • Pressing L toggles effects and reduces lag.

Earn points and progress

You can progress by reaching checkpoints and eventually reach the finish line. Collect points along the way to improve your score and unlock new levels. Master the game's mechanics and discover hidden secrets to become a true Geometry Dash champion.

Secrets await

With its Techno-neon aesthetic and intricate level design, it's no wonder this game has become famous as an Insane Demon level. Explore every corner of this vibrant world to uncover hidden secrets and unlock new adventures.