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Geometry Dash Lite

Enjoy the lively music background

Geometry Dash Lite is a game with lively music that matches the rhythm of the levels in the game. You will control an icon you love and jump over obstacles. There will be countless challenges coming at you quickly and continuously due to the speed of the scene moving at each level. You need to be quick and agile to avoid all these dangers. Try to get your icon to the end of each level without encountering anything. How many levels will you conquer in this game?


Immersive soundtrack

Get ready to get into the rhythm! Geometry Dash Lite has an interesting soundtrack that perfectly matches the rhythm of the game. Music motivates you and makes every dance and move amazing.

Customization options

Show off your style! You can customize your character with different symbols, colors, and tracks. Make your blocks stand out and play in style as you tackle each level.

Level editor

Unleash your creativity! With the level editor, you can design your levels with obstacles, challenges, and music. Share your creations with others or explore levels created by other players.

Achievements and rewards

The game offers various achievements to unlock. Completing challenges will earn you stars which you can use to unlock more customization items.

Geometry Dash Lite Online

Thrilling challenges

You don't need to download to play this game online easily. If you like to explore more online games you can visit Badland to see more new games. You'll encounter exciting challenges at every twist and turn. Beware of dangers scattered along the road that can cause you to have an accident. To avoid these dangers, you will need to jump or levitate. Use jump pads and jump rings of different colors to launch yourself to different heights:

  • Yellow jumping ring/pad: Launches you to a medium height.
  • Pink jumping ring/pad: Allows small jumps.
  • Red jumping ring/pad: Provides a large jump.

You can also use gravity rings or pads to change gravity and power-ups to increase speed.

Collect gold coins!

These coins are scattered throughout the lands, sometimes next to obstacles. You must skillfully control your character to collect these coins while avoiding obstacles. This is a difficult task that tests your quick reflexes, finger agility and precise timing. If you practice regularly and hard, you will definitely soon become a master in these addictive fast-paced games.