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About Badland

Badland is an action-adventure game developed by Frogmind. Your goal is to explore a beautiful forest filled with hidden dangers such as traps and obstacles.


The game was developed by Frogmind, an independent game publisher from Finland founded by Juha "Haamu" Juuranto and Sami "Salmi" Vanhatalo. The game was first released on iOS in April 2013 and was later ported to Android in November 2013. Badland has also been released on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Wii U. This game has received many awards and is loved for its novel gameplay and beautiful graphic design.

Development stage

  • The idea for Badland was born in 2011 when Juuranto was doodling on a piece of paper. He drew a bird-like shape and began to imagine how it would move through a fantasy world.
  • Juuranto and Vanhatalo started developing the game in 2012. They used the Unity engine to create the game and spent over a year perfecting it.
  • Badland was first released on iOS in April 2013. The game quickly became popular and was downloaded more than a million times within a few months. Frogmind regularly updates the game with new content, including new levels, new creatures, and new features.

Success and awards

The game is receiving increasingly positive reviews from critics and players. The game was praised for its simple yet challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics, and excellent sound. This game has won many awards, including "Best Mobile Game of the Year" at the 2014 BAFTA Games Awards. As of May 2024, it has been downloaded more than 50 million times across all platforms. communication. Badland helped put Frogmind on the map and turned it into one of the world's most successful independent game publishers.

Expanded information

Initially, the game was designed to be played with a main character who is a bat. However, the developers eventually decided to change the main character into a bird because they thought it would be cuter. The game's music was composed by Juho "Juha" Lampinen, a Finnish musician. Lampinen used electronic musical instruments and environmental sounds to create a mysterious and mystical atmosphere for the game. Currently, the game has been translated into more than 20 different languages so that many young people around the world can enjoy this exciting game.



The forest seems to be being destroyed by some force. The trees are dead, the sky is dark and foggy, and there are many dangerous creatures lurking in the darkness.

Clony character

Clony is the main character of the game, it is a small bird-like creature. Clony is trying to escape from this dangerous forest. It flies over obstacles and dodges dangerous creatures, always moving forward. It seems there is a secret hidden in the Badland forest. Clony may be searching for this secret, or it may accidentally stumble upon it on its journey.

Other creatures

In the forest, there are many other strange and dangerous creatures. These creatures may be victims of mysterious forces that have affected the forest, or they may be creatures that have lived here before.


On some levels, the player can see strange and mysterious machines. These machines may be clues to what makes the forest so strange and dangerous.


The main colors of the game are black and gray, creating a dark and mysterious feeling. However, there are also some vibrant color accents, suggesting life and hope.


The sounds are mainly environmental sounds, such as the wind blowing, leaves rustling, and birds singing. This sound creates a sense of mystery and suspense in the game.

How to play Badland?

Your duties

  • The player controls a bird-like creature named Clony who flies through a jungle full of obstacles and dangers. Players need to use touch and swipe operations to control the character to fly up, down, left, and right.
  • The goal of the game is to help Clony overcome challenges and discover the secrets of the forest. Try to help the character fly through the levels as far as possible without colliding with obstacles. The player controls Clony by touching and holding the screen to move it.
  • Players need to control Clony carefully to avoid obstacles such as spikes, saw blades, fans, bees, and other dangerous creatures. Players need to have quick reflexes and good control to be able to overcome these obstacles.

Types of items

There are also several different types of items in the game, including:

  • Magnets can attract Clony towards it.
  • Balloons can help Clony fly higher.
  • Speed can help Clony fly faster.
  • Shrinking can help Clony become smaller so it can fit through gaps.
  • Cloning helps Clony create copies of itself.
  • Immortality makes Clony immune to damage for a short period of time.
  • Diamonds can be collected to earn points.
  • The shield can protect Clony from damage.
  • Keys can be used to open secret doors.

Tips for you to overcome challenges

Observe carefully

Always pay attention to observing the obstacles ahead and predict their direction of movement. This helps you make reasonable control actions to effectively avoid obstacles. You should focus on the most dangerous obstacles first, then tackle smaller obstacles.

Use items wisely

The game has many different types of support items such as magnets, balloons, acceleration, shrinking,... Each type of item has its own uses, use them wisely to overcome challenges. Challenges at each level.

For example, use magnets to attract Clony towards golden eggs, use balloons to fly higher over dangerous obstacles, or shrink Clony to squeeze through small gaps.

Take advantage of checkpoints

On some levels, you'll encounter checkpoints that save your progress. Take advantage of these checkpoints to start over from your last location if you fail. Using checkpoints wisely will save you time and avoid having to replay the entire level from the beginning.

Uncover secrets and collect golden eggs

The levels in this game contain many interesting secrets and golden eggs scattered throughout the levels. Take your time exploring to find these secrets and collect golden eggs to unlock new outfits for Clony. Discovering secrets and collecting golden eggs will help you increase your excitement when playing the game and bring you valuable rewards.

Listen to the sound

Sound can give you important clues about what's about to happen. Pay attention to the sounds to predict obstacles and make accurate decisions.

Change speed

You can completely customize Clony's movement speed. Use this feature to move slowly on difficult roads or speed up to overcome dangerous obstacles.

Refer to the instructional video

If you're having trouble beating a level, check out online guides or video tutorials for more helpful tips and strategies. Consulting the guide will help you learn new skills and tackle difficult challenges more effectively.