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Subway Surfers

Description of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a game that runs on rails. The player needs to escape from the inspector and his dog. Try to collect gold coins, power up, and avoid obstacles. Players take on the role of young graffiti artists, led by Jake when they are caught "tagging" at a metro rail site and must run away from an inspector and his dog. During the run, players will collect gold coins, and power-up items, and avoid collisions with obstacles such as trains and other objects. The player can also jump on train cars and glide on skateboards to avoid capture until the character collides with an obstacle, is caught by an inspector, or is hit by a train, at which point the game will end. If you like challenging and adventurous games, you can refer to Badland.

How to survive long term?

Increase score

Your goal is to run through the subway, dodging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. Your score is determined by two factors: distance and coins. The more you run, the greater your score will become. Collecting coins also helps increase your score, so keep an eye out for them as you rush through the subway. There are also power-ups to help you increase your score and distance.

Power-up items

Some of the most useful power-ups include skateboards and roller skates, which help you run faster and jump higher. A hoverboard is another useful item that allows you to glide smoothly over subway tracks while also protecting you from short-term collisions. Additionally, mystery boxes contain surprise items such as keys, score boosters, and coins, which can give you an extra advantage in the game. With these power-ups and your quick reflexes, you can help your character navigate the subway, avoid obstacles, and collect coins to achieve a high score.

How to control

  • You simply use the four arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character left, right, up, or down. You can also activate power-ups by pressing the spacebar.
  • With these controls, you'll guide your character through subways, jump over trains, slide under barriers, and turn left or right to avoid obstacles. Sometimes you'll need to use a combination of arrow keys to perform complex maneuvers, like sliding while turning, to navigate through tight spaces and avoid collisions.


  • There are various obstacles on the way, like subways, buses, and others.
  • The inspector will chase you and if you get caught, the game will be over.
  • The inspector's dog will also chase you and if it bites you, you will lose speed.