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Super Brawl 2

Description of Super Brawl 2

Super Brawl 2 is a fighting game featuring beloved characters from the popular Nickelodeon series. Your mission is to collect experience points and bonuses. You will fly your own helicopter and compete with players from all over the world. Get ready for high-flying action as you dodge enemy fire, gather power-ups, and take down your opponents to become the ultimate champion! You will control your helicopter using simple controls, flying around the map to defeat your opponents. Use your skills to avoid incoming attacks while aiming and shooting at enemy helicopters to score points.

Become a master in battle

You'll play as iconic characters like SpongeBob, Aang, Sheen, Plankton, and more, facing off against tough opponents in the arena. Do you have what it takes to become a Combat Master?


  • You will need to learn some basic moves. Use the arrow keys to move, block attacks and jump to avoid being hit. You can also punch with the X key and kick with the Z key to take down enemies.
  • If your opponent is blocking, try using Jump Attack by pressing the up arrow key and the Z key together. Each character also has a special attack that you can activate by pressing specific keys in order.

Game mode

There are four modes to choose from: Arcade, Tournament, Tag Team, and Survival. Start with Arcade mode to practice your skills, then challenge yourself in Tournament mode to beat different levels. You can even team up with a friend in Tag Team mode or test your endurance in Survival mode.

Functions and tips

Main function

  • Engage in thrilling battles as you fly through the skies and engage in epic dogfights with other players.
  • Choose from a variety of helicopters and customize their appearance to suit your style. Stand out from the crowd with unique paint and decals!
  • Collect power-ups scattered across the map to gain temporary advantages, such as increased firepower or increased mobility.
  • Join forces with friends or take on other players in intense multiplayer matches. Team up to take down your opponents or prove your skills in solo battles.

Tips for success

  • Take some time to get used to the controls and master your flying skills. The more you practice, the better you will become!
  • Continuously maneuver your helicopter to avoid enemy fire and make yourself a hard-to-hit target.
  • Prioritize your goals wisely. Focus on taking down opponents that pose the greatest threat to you or are carrying valuable power.
  • If playing in multiplayer mode, communicate with your teammates to coordinate attacks and support each other in battles.

Super Brawl 2 Online

You'll need to use your brain and quick reflexes to come up with the best fighting moves. Time your attacks carefully and don't forget to block your opponent's ultimate moves! Whether you're playing as SpongeBob, Aang, or Plankton, there's plenty of fun to be had. Choose from a variety of beloved cartoon characters, including SpongeBob, Aang, Sheen, Plankton, Skipper, Otis, and many more! Each character has their own unique abilities and moves, so experiment to find your favorite. If you enjoy Super Brawl 2 Online, be sure to check out the other games in the Badland for even more fun and excitement!